Only the coffees produced in the demarcated area and which followed the specific production rules defined by the Regulatory Council of our region, are the ones that can be certified and receive the denomination Mantiqueira de Minas – IP. The Origin and Quality Seal - Mantiqueira de Minas – PGI recognizes what is already valued: a unique and inherent product to the territory and producers in our region.



After Brazil has become the largest producer and exporter and the second largest consumer of coffee in the world, the country is now one of the largest global suppliers of specialty coffees, distinguished by its quality and social-environmental values. Currently almost all coffee regions of Brazil produce specialty beans.

For many years, the country has been producing exceptional quality coffees, in a variety of sensory profiles, because of its diversity of climate, altitudes, and soil types. The productive sector increasingly values specialty coffees, driven by the move towards differenciation of the product, and due to the new demands of domestic and international markets.

The coffee consumed in the country has gained in quality because Brazilians have fallen in love with the specialty coffees. The population has opted for a differentiated product and the industry has sought to meet this more demanding consumer. Valuing the origin, flavors and aromas have become more and more the universe of consumers who search for quality of the specialty beans. This new trend in Brazil and in the world brings new business opportunities and development for the country.


But after all, what’s behind a good cup of coffee? This is an increasingly common question, because people are looking for more information about the products they consume. That’s why the coffees bearing the Seal of Origin and Quality Mantiqueira de Minas – PGI reflect our culture, our way of being and the enthusiasm we feel when producing them. Through this seal, we offer a passport to the beautiful mountains and centennial farms in our region.We show the details of the processes that result in rare and surprising coffees.We highlight the care for the environment and respect for our people.

And we also share our history, bringing together those who produce and those who consume. Roasters who sell certified coffees with the Indication of Origin Mantiqueira de Minas have at their disposal a powerful differentiation tool, offering the consumer an authentic and tasteful connection with the origin.


In order to get the authorization to use the Seal of Indication of Origin Mantiqueira de Minas, it is necessary that the following requirements are met:

• The property must be inserted into the demarcated area;
• You must be associated to entities that make up the Council of Mantiqueira: COCARIVE, COOPERRITA, COOPERVASS, SINDICATOS DOS PRODUTORES RURAIS DE CARMO DE MINAS E DE SANTA RITA DO SAPUCAÍ.
• Coffee lots must be properly prepared and be deposited in the warehouses of COCARIVE, COOPERRITA or COOPERVASS.
• Minimum quality and sensory analysis: score 83 (eighty three) points or above in the SCAA methodology by at least two (02) associated cup judges of the Cooperatives associated to APROCAM;

Product definition: roasted coffee grains and/or roasted and ground, whose raw material is proven as originated from the acquisition of green coffees with the geographical indication in the modality Indication of Origin.
• The producer who received the seal of Indication of Origin Mantiqueira de Minas must inform APROCAM the purchasing company of the lot and the quantity sold, and the location (city, state, country) of destination.
• The buyer of the sealed coffee lot, once authorized by the seller, can purchase the traceability control seals from Aprocam, which will separate the seals according to the weight of the packagings (250 g., 500 g., etc.) at the rate of 50 kg per bag (due to the weight loss during roasting).
• The seller will be responsible for supervising the delivery process of the lot and the use of seals on the packaging of roasted coffee grains and/or roasted and ground coffee.
• Using the QR CODE on the packagings allows the consumer to trace all the information about the coffee lot, history, awards, certificates etc.
• An audit may be conducted by the Regulatory Board of the quality of the coffee available to the market.

For information and operation for obtaining the Seal of Origin and Quality Mantiqueira de Minas (PGI), you may contact APROCAM directly.